Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thinning out our forest and stripping our Logs to Create something New

The log before I strip it.
I just can't believe this is January and it is 58 degrees out and the sun is shining. When it is like this I just have to get out into it. I love the sun. I by no means am a sun worshiper but in the winter I savor every moment of it. I asked my son-in-law to cut some trees down for me and he said no problem just show me which ones you want.

Off we went into our lower forty to get some trees. I wanted to do some stripping for our pergola on the hill. The logs are alder and about 5-6 inches around. The fatter they are the easier it is. I love the way the logs look when they are stripped and I find it very relaxing to do it. Some times I listen to a podcast or sometimes I just listen to the birds while I am working. There were no birds today, they must know it is not yet time to be out.

The logs after stripping and the bark on the ground is great mulch.
We built a round house out of stripped logs like this. The frame is like this and then the sides are burlap and canvas. We are going to do split logs around the bottom this summer. I think we are going to split our own. This really fascinates me and can't wait to do it. Sometimes I just think I was meant to be a pioneer. I love the outdoors.

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