Monday, October 27, 2014

Creatively Happy Podcast Episode 4 ~ The chicken coop progress, the best and easiest apply pie, new artwork from vintage letters and more | Creatively Happy

Creatively Happy Podcast Episode 4 ~ The chicken coop progress, the best and easiest apply pie, new artwork from vintage letters and more | Creatively Happy

New Artwork by Heather Saulsbury featuring vintage letters. From a Podcast idea to unique Art

I love when a journey takes you to an unexpected place.  The idea I had started with last week was to have a podcast that featured old love letters.  I got excited, went on Ebay, bought some old letters and waited for them to arrive.  They got here so fast and I was so excited.  I couldn't wait to tear into them (gently because some were over a 100 yrs old)
 I opened the first package, which was a bundle wrapped into a blue ribbon and discovered a whole new world.  The letters started out with "My Dearest One" dated from 1903.  How exciting and thrilling, I felt like I was stepping back in time and peeking into a world I was unfamiliar with.  As I glanced through all the letters it finally occurred to me that this was a one sided conversation.  These letters were all written by men to a one lady and I didn't know her side of the story.  I realized then that my idea would need work and tweaking before it could become a podcast.
But the letters were beautiful and aged.  The handwriting was like art itself.  It seem like cursive will be a lost art in the next century but this 100 year old letters were gorgeous.  I decided to scan the and turn them into digital download backgrounds and list them for sale on my store at Creative Market.   I felt a lot better sharing them then just keeping them bundled up in my cupboard.

Yesterday I decided to paint again.  I have been busy working on the computer with my photography and hadn't been inspired to paint in awhile but yesterday it felt right.  I got out my paints and brushes and went to town.  I created a beautiful bright green and blue piece.  I wasn't done yet and decided to try mixing my old with my new.

I used some of the vintage letters, molding paste, stencils and acrylics to create this new piece of artwork.  This 12" x 16" piece is done on a wood panel.  I love how it turned out.  I almost don't want to part with it.  You can see this and more of my work on my facebook page. 
I feel good giving new life to this old correspodence.

Adorable Fairy Chairs

These are the 3 chairs that Linda built.  The two on the outside are all natural supplies and the one in the middle was created with woodcuts that were on clearance at Michael's.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Creatively Happy Podcast Episode 3 ~ New Cement Recipe for Crafting, Podcast Supplies, Delicious Chili, MMA Fighter Photo Shoot, Nature Classes and More

Creatively Happy

Here is one of the mushroom we found hiking behind our property.

MMA Fighter Mari Mata Photo Shoot

My wonderful and talented friend Mari Mata is a MMA fighter and needed some promotional shots for an upcoming fight in November.  We had a really good time doing shoots of her serious, smiling, kicking and punching.  We also tried some different lighting techniques to emphasize her great toned body.   This was a really short photo shoot due to time constraints but I am pleased with what we got.  I do plan on getting back together with her to try some more with a black backdrop, different lighting and maybe some more motion.  If you would like to see more of my work please stop by my photography page on facebook

Experimenting with new light weight cement option call Hypertufa for crafting outdoor fairy houses

We came across this new way to create outdoor fairy structures that is sturdy and weather resistant.  After watching a few videos online we decided to purchase the supplies at our local hardware store.  The supplies total was around $15 and we ended up with some pretty big bags.

We started really small and did our proportions in 1/4 cups in the 3-3-2 ratio.  The mixture was easy to mix up and was put in a flower pot to mold.  We let it sit there 3 days and plan on taking it out.  I guess it dries in about a week.

We will post an update with pictures after we get it out of the mold.

The Awesome Tree at Crescent Lake Fairholme Campground on the Olympic Peninsula

Here is that amazing tree I was telling you about.  You can see my husband standing next to it and he looks so mall.  The boys climbed right up into it and disappeared.  The tree happens to be in the boat launch area and is right next to the campground.  We stayed at the campground last year and beside being beautiful, they have campsites right on the lake.

Deilicous Quinoa Chili ~ Gluten Free and could be adapted to be Vegan Also


Around our house Chili is a favorite of everyone's.   So when we tried out this recipe that had quinoa added we were in for a big treat.  Besides being healthy it was also delicious and super filling.   Everyone is the house enjoyed, which includes two hungry teenage boys, my husband, my mom and I
This recipe is Gluten free and if you left out the ground beef it could also be vegan too.
Delicous Quinoa Chili found on AllRecipes... submitted by Gingerbreadgirlz

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Autumn Soup by Creatively Happy ~Gluten and Sugar Free

We love this time of year in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and we love a great soup on a chilly autumn day.  We also like to use lots of the items we have harvested from our own garden and the garden of friends and neighbors.  Here is the recipe we created using lots of fall harvest vegetables and fruit.  It is a favorite with everyone in our family

Autumn Soup

1 Sugar Pumpkin
1 Delicata Squash
3 Asian Pears 
1 Red Delicious Apple
All of those will need to be peeled and cut in 1" chunks

4 Cups Chicken Broth
2 Cups Water

1/2 White Onion Diced
1 Tsp of minced Garlic
2 Tablespoons Butter
Those will all be sauteed together before putting in soup

1 Tsp Crazy Salt
1 Tsp Braggs Spice
1 Tsp Rock Salt

Put all ingredients in a large pot and cook until all ingredients are soft (about 1/2 hour on medium heat) I then blend it all into a puree.  I use my blender but you could use an immersion blender too.

This recipe can be sweetened with honey if necessary or sometimes we add cinnamon or nutmeg.  Also the pears and apples can be substituted for whatever you have growing.  This recipe can be made vegan by substituting vegetable stock for the chicken stock too.  This is such an easy soup and delicious.  I hope you enjoy it.