Monday, January 12, 2015

Pet Portrait Photo Shoot with Doll Furniture

I love a great a find.  I always feel like I just won a contest when I score a great deal, it feels even better when I find what I am actually looking for and it is super cheap.  Last week we were at a local thrift store and I scored on some super cute doll furniture.  It wasn't tiny doll size it was like small child size doll furniture.  I got a crib, a bed and a chair.  I thought they would be great for photo shoots with little kids or say... some of my animals.  So after getting home and setting up, I enticed some of my cats and kittens to use the new furniture.  Here was the results.

Ash thought this was a purrfect place to rest

In fact Ash seems to really want to pose for the camera

Our kittens Gwynn and Buddy were not as excited about it.

Our big cat Lou just does whatever he wants and refused to stay in bed, but instead stretched out to be petted.

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