Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Creatively Happy Podcast Episode 2 ~ Gluten Free Cornbread, The best Fall Soup

Creatively Happy Podcast Episode 2 ~ Gluten Free Cornbread, The best Fall Soup and Good Lighting During an Outdoor Photo Shoot.| Creatively Happy

My fall planting arrived from Brecks today

This is one of the peonies we just planted on the property which should look beautiful in the late spring next year.  This one is supposed to bloom twice for a longer growing season.

Delicious Gluten and Sugar Free Cornbread Recipe from Gluten Free Mama

Gluten Free Cornbread from Gluten Free Mama
I am a really big fan of Gluten Free Mama and got this recipe in my newsletter.  The only variation I made was to substitute coconut sugar for granulated sugar.  This is a delicious Cornbread recipe that easy and quick.  Everyone in the family enjoyed and didn't seem to notice it was gluten and sugar free.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Creatively Happy Podcast Episode !

Creatively Happy

Our First Ever, straight from the Studio Podcast about our life of being creative on our 11 acre hobby farm in the Pacific Northwest

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Beautiful Head Wreath for a Photo Shoot

I just love how head wreaths look in photo shoot and I wanted to try one myself.  So I went to the local craft store and found some beautiful flowers on sale and decided to try my own.  I took a long piece of leftover burlap and folded it in half and then sewed on all the flowers and leaves.  I then sewed on long thin straps of leather so I could tie the wreath on.  Here is the first photo shoot I tried with the head wreath and I love it.  I will plan on making more.  Perhaps poinsettias on the next one for the holidays.