Wednesday, November 21, 2012

We are being permitted to go Ahead!

I would like to show the future site of Creatively Happy Studio.  We finally got the permit and we are going to build a shop with a big old studio for me, parking for our motorcycles and storage for all the stuff that just doesn't fit in the house.  I am so excited to be creating my studio from scratch.  Once they have the pole building built, the family and I will go in and build a studio for us.  It will be awesome to have all my supplies in one location and room to have crafting parties.  The idea of creating however I want is a bit overwhelming but exciting all at the same time.  Now that it is a go ahead I am going to start looking at storage solutions for all the different kind of items I have.  The last place we used had everything out for us to see but sometimes I found it a little too much to work with.  Right now I am thinking of large shallow drawers so I can open them and see all different kinds of things but close them when I don't want to see them.  So many ideas, so little time.