Friday, January 16, 2015

And Behind Door No.1 is.... Keepin it Real Friday the Paint, Glue, Sparkle and Tie Cupboard

Behind these doors is some more of our organized chaos.  I am not sure how all of these items came to be in one cupboard but I know they are there and I know where to look when I need my packaging tape or my spray on glitter.  Here is another glimpse into our creative world.  
I decided to share a few more pictures so you can really see what is going on.

So when you open these doors you get the combo of glues, stencils, string, paint, more glues, blank pads of paper and the overly stuffed "sticker book"

 Here is the packaging, sparkle, glue and accessory shelves

This is the glue, more glue stuff, airbrush supplies and exacto knife kit.

This is the giant book of stickers.  I took a really wide 3 ring binder and filled it with clear sleeves and then stuffed them with stickers in categories like holiday, flowers and valentines, etc. 

This is my rack inside my cupboard.  It holds all my acrylic paints, more gluing materials and stencils.  After looking at these pictures I realize we have a lot of stuff that makes things stick to other stuff....hmmmm

Thanks for taking a look into my "Keepin It Real Friday" post of our studio.
Happy Crafting and May Everything You Make Turn Out Like the Picture in Your Mind

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