Thursday, January 22, 2015

Keepin It Real... How the Studio Really looks during a Photo Session.

I love taking pictures.  It makes me so happy and this week I got to capture this sweet little girls 1 year old photos on her 1st birthday.  Mom and Grandma brought her out to our place with lots of outfits and accessories.  We had the studio all cleaned up and set up for her pictures.  That lasted about 10 minutes before we had stuff all over.  Quick costume changes, diaper changes, mom changes, add in a kitten and a cupcake and you get quite the experience.  We looked like a tornado had blasted through spreading pink, yellow and sparkly things everywhere.

I had the corner set up with backdrops and lights and as long as we kept throwing in new things to play with she was happy.

 Time for a little break so she makes a run for it.
Being 1 and on the move lets you give the photographer all kinds of new angles.

Thankfully she loved the doll crib we had reinforced last week.  She really loved sitting in it with all the balloons and it was way easier to keep her in the same spot.

Kitten and Cupcake are so much more fun when you are out of the spotlight.
This is the other side of the studio and you can see all the clothes, car seat, chairs and stuffed animals spread out.

Lexie was so much fun to have in the studio and we got some amazing photos and she really stayed in a great mood the whole time.

I hope you enjoy the "behind the scenes" look at how it really looks in our studio during a session.  Thank you to my Mom for having the second camera and capturing all our fun.
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  1. I totally agree! Since watching my very first Creative Live course, and finally realizing that we are all the same. It makes sharing the real stuff easier and less scary and then you get that awesome "freeing" experience! That is so cool!

    I love this behind the scenes look! It's creative chaos at its best! Great shots! You and your Mom are a great team, have I mentioned that before? ♡

  2. Nancy, I glad you enjoyed the behind the scene look. As i look over it again. I can't help but laugh at how fast it got crazy. Mom and I do make a great team and I am glad you think so too. We are just having so much fun.