Friday, February 27, 2015

Keepin It Real Friday... How I really look in the Studio

The look on my face when unexpected visitors show up to the studio

I love to look nice, have my hair look great, my nails done and my shoes actually going with my outfit.  Does this happen often?
Nope, not really.  Maybe once every 6 months I look this put together.  But mostly in my everyday life I feel like I have the fashion sense of a 5 year old.
Wear what is comfortable....Check
Wear what I like...................Check
Does it matter if it matches?....NO!
Can I get it dirty?.....................YES!

This is the inspiration for my getting dressed everyday to go to the studio.  I have my designated clothes that I can get dirty, get paint on, decorate with glitter and maybe add a layer of semi gloss too.
Straight out of the dryer.  Yup they are clean.

And then they can move right on to working in the yard, taking care of the animals and doing construction around the property.

And when you stain a shirt in my house it goes from the wear out of the house to wear around the property and in the studio.  I figure the stain is just the beginning of a new life for that t-shirt.  After I have worn it to shreds it then moves onto the rag pile.  Clothes live a long and happy life in my world.
And lets talk about shoes.  I love my mucks. They come off quick and easy, they are up for the challenge of a muddy yard or chicken coop and they come in fun fashion colors.
The first pair of mucks I owned were a lovely green but at the time both my kids had the same size feet as me and more often then not I would have to track them down and demand them back.  So the second pair I bought I got so the boys would definitely not want to "borrow" them.  Now they are both 3 sizes bigger then me so I don't have to worry.

Oh and the wonders of make-up.  Now I am very proud of my new grey hairs (yup I believe having teenagers has caused them to show up) and the hard earned laugh lines on my face.  But I enjoy looking a bit better when I go out in public.  A little eye shadow, some liner and some mascara does wonders for me.  And my bathroom mirror is magical. I swear it makes me look like I'm 25 again.
But time in the studio, time is precious so when I am there it is all natural me.
After 1 cup of coffee

Thank you for taking a peek into our world and I hope you are enjoying the "Keepin it Real Friday" posts.  I like sharing and I love hearing from others.  Have a great day and be CREATIVE!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Keepin' it Real Friday.... When the picture is so bad its GOOD

The weather is starting to get nice around here so I thought it would be a good idea to get some of our pets pictures outside.  They pretty much come to say Hi! as soon as you start walking around
Well our big old lab is a sweetie and he was trying to talk the kitten into playing.  He was rolling around and wiggle all over and the kitten was just watching.

So i was snapping away hoping to get a great picture.  Instead I got this
I laughed so hard that I just had to make a joke of it.  It is such an awful picture of him but
it is so funny with the kitten just looking over him.  He looks terrified. The kitten 
didn't actually get him but it sure looks like he did.

The fun of shooting your own animal.  I love my life.  

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Had fun in the studio today... Baby Tie + Kitten = Cuteness

I love a great bargain and the other day I was at a local thrift store and they had these adorable little ties.  I picked one up for an upcoming photo session with a little guy.  I was thinking baby in a diaper with a tie would be adorable.  So then I thought kitten in a tie would be cute too.

So I talked our kitten Buddy into joining me in the studio.  He is such a good sport about hanging out and he didn't even mind the tie.  I think he even might have liked it until he tripped over it, but then he rolled and just started playing with it.

Monday, February 2, 2015

We Created a "How To" video.

Today was a busy day.  We decided to finally try and make our how to video so people know how to use the digital download cards they purchase.

I spent a lot of time trying to do a screen capture and I thought it went well but after all the rendering and editing the quality is not so great.  So I will try again with some other software.  
So we will call this video Version 1

The Creation of Something Adorable.... Puff Cats

Do you ever have those days where you just aren't feeling up to snuff.  You caught a bug but it didn't wipe you out, just made you feel a little shitty.  Well that was me last week.  I didn't feel awful enough to stay in bed but not motivated enough to go to the studio.
So after nursing a cup of pine needle tea and honey and watching a movie I decided I had to be productive so I pulled out my travel art kit and spread my supplies out on the dining room table.

Well, that is where the magic began.  Who says you can't be productive when you don't feel well.  I started painting cats because my "Big Lou" had come in for a visit and insisted he had to sit next to me.  The first attempt at a cat wasn't pretty.  It was okay but not the cute, fun, happy look I was looking for.  So I tried again and came up with this.
This cute color of fur and his ball of yarn  I thought he was adorable so I put him out for the world to see (which means I shared on Instagram) and he was a big hit. I was so excited about my positive response that I came up with another idea.
Well, when the ideas start rolling it is hard to stop.  So I spent the next few days painting cats.  I am having so much fun and I even turned them into a digital card product for our Etsy shop.  

My mom and son helped me name them "Puff Cats" and now my son suggest I put them on products.  We shall see what I come up with.