Tuesday, October 9, 2012

“CreativelyHappyOne” and her friend “RunswithScissors”

I took the leap and got a website name registered.  It felt really good to jump on the horse and start galloping.  I then went and got an email account.  The name was being used so I had to add a 1.  Not a big deal, I like being number 1.  Then I head to Etsy to open a shop.  Now keep in mind I had searched Etsy to see if this name was being used and it had not come up.  One of the reason it was such a great name, but low and behold I went to register and it was taken.  I thought,  that’s okay it is just a username, not a shop name, I can handle this.  I am sure the shop name is still available because I couldn't find it.  I was WRONG, it was taken but I had come all this way, done all this work, had been decisive and know I was put on hold.  I didn't want to add the #1 to my store name.  I started thinking and decided I was going to have my website forward to Etsy so it wouldn't be a big deal if I had to add a 1, but then I had a moment of clarity.  I could add a 1 but in a different way, I could add the word “one” which fits just fine with my business name.  So let me introduce my self.  I am Heather, owner of “CreativelyHappyOne” on Etsy.  The name fits like my favorite camping coat.  It feels good and warm and comforting.  Because I am really the creatively happy one around here.  I am always making something.  I feel like I just got my new native american name.  I can just see myself being introduced.  This is “CreativelyHappyOne” and her friend “RunswithScissors”, who is standing next to, “SmellslikeGlue”. 


  1. can you add links to the website names in your posting?

  2. Yes, and I should... I will go get that fixed