Sunday, October 7, 2012

I Have a Dream

I have a dream, a dream to own and run a very successful business.  Not just one that gets by or slowly falls behind.  I want one that takes off running and carries me all the way to the moon.  I always figured if you are going to dream then you better dream big, gigantic, humongous.  So that is NOT what I am doing.  I am no longer dreaming of having a very successful business.  I am making it a reality.  The challenge has been thrown down and I accepted it.  I stand before you with my hands on my hips and a soft breeze blowing my cape in the wind as the song “moves like jagger” playing in my head.  I know that is really not inspiring music, I should have picked the Rocky them song but that one just sticks, can’t get the damn song out of my head.

I once read “Goals are just dreams with deadlines” and I thought that made perfect sense.  So now I am checking off my goals one thing at a time. I have had a few different businesses and tons of ideas.  In fact I have so many ideas I have problems focusing on one thing.  At night I literally have to tell my brain to stop thinking.  When I drive in the car I play my music LOUD (insert Moves like Jagger) so I don’t have to hear myself think.  I know it sounds strange but I am guessing there are fellow creative people out there that have the same problem.  Let’s not call it a problem lets say it’s a gift.  A wonderful present that allows our mind to wander into what has yet to become.

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