Sunday, October 14, 2012

Success all the way to my Fingertips!

Now that I opened the shop I feel its good to have some items in it. I started with digital collage sheets of vintage photos.  I purchased a big lot of photos from Ebay and just love them.  Each picture feels like it has a story to tell and I want to tell it and have other people tell it.  I kinda feel sad for the families of the people in the pictures because I am some stranger that ended up with these.  Did the bloodline end?  Did somebody hoard the pictures until nobody cared or did fate just play a hand and they ended up with me to share and create with.   Some of the women are just so beautiful and serene looking.  I have played with one and created a poster and then on a few of the not so attractive women I created a witch collage sheet to post on Etsy.  I know this is just the beginning because I have this low energetic hum that tells me there is so much more to come.  I can feel success all they way to my fingertips!

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