Thursday, November 13, 2014

Living in the Middle of Everything in the Middle of Nowhere

The room with a view. That is what I think every time I sit at our dining room table. There is always so much going on outside the big window we installed that it is like a movie. You don't always notice the action but if you wait long enough you will start to see it. 
In the spring you watch the world around us come alive and the chickens hunt for snacks,
in the summer you watch the garden grow and the flowers explode, 
in the fall you keep track of all the leaves falling and wait for the tiny glimpse of the neighbors house and 
in the winter you watch the world turn to a white wonderland. 
You get to see the animals play and the kids roll together their snowman. You get to see the potential of what the yard is going to become next year and you get to ponder how "living in the middle of nowhere" (as friends and family sometimes think) is actually living in the middle of everything.

Just sitting here with my warm fire, my hot cup of coffee and the feeling of being exactly where I am supposed to be in my life. Happy and content of this chilly 16 degree morning. I hope everyone has an awesome day

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