Monday, November 3, 2014

Busy Getting our Items Listed For Sale Online

We have been very busy this week getting a new shop set up on Etsy.  It is called PNW Bushcraft and features my husband amazing handmade leather and canvas  products.  He is making some traditional bushcraft gear in his studio with leather and canvas.   The first product we are featuring is a Bushcraft foragers pouch.  It is a bag that attaches to your belt with a leather strap.  When it is all folded up it is quite small and very convenient and when  you decide you need a bag you just unsnap it and unfold this great bag made out of oil cloth canvas.  This is a very sturdy and well made product.  He created and redesigned it quite a few times before he came up with this final product.  It is hand tooled and hand stamped.  Please stop on by, take a look around the store and share. 

We have also been very busy getting our fairy furniture up for sale in our own shop.  These pieces are so adorable and I can't wait for them to find new homes.  We got a set of furniture listed and also some chairs.
Our Etsy Shop

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