Wednesday, December 10, 2014

How We Made A Beautiful Christmas Tree with Supplies Around our Property

This year we wanted to have a few trees for decorations but I didn't want to cut down a lot of trees and I didn't want to have to spend a bunch of money to get the look we wanted.  So being the creative people we are we decided to make trees from the items we had sitting around.

We ended up using the tomato cages for our garden, some zip ties, some branches from our huge evergreens and a string of lights.  Viola'  We had some super cute and very beautiful trees for the cost of nothing.

We started out at the bottom of our tomato cage and attached branches with the zip ties in a opposite pattern.  We did one on the left, one on the right, one in the front and then one in the back.  We did about 3 layers and the whole thing was covered.  We ended up attaching a couple of smaller branches were it looked empty or lopsided.

After we were all done, we wrapped it in a string of lights and added a bow.  We then put in the front yard over top a turned over pot so it would be a little more stable and plugged in the lights.  
It turned out looking like a real tree and I am happy it cost us nothing.  It seems to be a favorite spot of our kittens and looks even better at night.

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