Monday, October 27, 2014

New Artwork by Heather Saulsbury featuring vintage letters. From a Podcast idea to unique Art

I love when a journey takes you to an unexpected place.  The idea I had started with last week was to have a podcast that featured old love letters.  I got excited, went on Ebay, bought some old letters and waited for them to arrive.  They got here so fast and I was so excited.  I couldn't wait to tear into them (gently because some were over a 100 yrs old)
 I opened the first package, which was a bundle wrapped into a blue ribbon and discovered a whole new world.  The letters started out with "My Dearest One" dated from 1903.  How exciting and thrilling, I felt like I was stepping back in time and peeking into a world I was unfamiliar with.  As I glanced through all the letters it finally occurred to me that this was a one sided conversation.  These letters were all written by men to a one lady and I didn't know her side of the story.  I realized then that my idea would need work and tweaking before it could become a podcast.
But the letters were beautiful and aged.  The handwriting was like art itself.  It seem like cursive will be a lost art in the next century but this 100 year old letters were gorgeous.  I decided to scan the and turn them into digital download backgrounds and list them for sale on my store at Creative Market.   I felt a lot better sharing them then just keeping them bundled up in my cupboard.

Yesterday I decided to paint again.  I have been busy working on the computer with my photography and hadn't been inspired to paint in awhile but yesterday it felt right.  I got out my paints and brushes and went to town.  I created a beautiful bright green and blue piece.  I wasn't done yet and decided to try mixing my old with my new.

I used some of the vintage letters, molding paste, stencils and acrylics to create this new piece of artwork.  This 12" x 16" piece is done on a wood panel.  I love how it turned out.  I almost don't want to part with it.  You can see this and more of my work on my facebook page. 
I feel good giving new life to this old correspodence.

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