Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Autumn Soup by Creatively Happy ~Gluten and Sugar Free

We love this time of year in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and we love a great soup on a chilly autumn day.  We also like to use lots of the items we have harvested from our own garden and the garden of friends and neighbors.  Here is the recipe we created using lots of fall harvest vegetables and fruit.  It is a favorite with everyone in our family

Autumn Soup

1 Sugar Pumpkin
1 Delicata Squash
3 Asian Pears 
1 Red Delicious Apple
All of those will need to be peeled and cut in 1" chunks

4 Cups Chicken Broth
2 Cups Water

1/2 White Onion Diced
1 Tsp of minced Garlic
2 Tablespoons Butter
Those will all be sauteed together before putting in soup

1 Tsp Crazy Salt
1 Tsp Braggs Spice
1 Tsp Rock Salt

Put all ingredients in a large pot and cook until all ingredients are soft (about 1/2 hour on medium heat) I then blend it all into a puree.  I use my blender but you could use an immersion blender too.

This recipe can be sweetened with honey if necessary or sometimes we add cinnamon or nutmeg.  Also the pears and apples can be substituted for whatever you have growing.  This recipe can be made vegan by substituting vegetable stock for the chicken stock too.  This is such an easy soup and delicious.  I hope you enjoy it.

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