Friday, June 13, 2014

Upcycle Basket Projects at our House

A friend of mine had a yard sale and ended up with some basket leftovers that he thought maybe I could use.  Well he was right.  I knew the instant I saw this one I could make something free and fabulous.  Here is the basket before its makeover
I decided it needed some plants.  I collected moss, branches, bark, dirt and some left over sedum plants that hadn't found a home in the yard yet.
I lined the bottom of the heart with a piece of bark so the dirt would stay in.  I then stuffed branches across the hearts back and forth so the plants would stay in.  I put a layer of moss and the dirt in each heart.  I spent some figuring out which plants should go where and then stuffed them in with dirt.  I surrounded all empty spots with moss from the yard to make sure nothing would fall out.  After I had everything in place I put some more branches across so the front so when I hang it up everything will stay in place.
I love how this project turned out.  It didn't cost me a thing which makes it even better.  I ended up hanging it off the porch with some zip ties.  In the end I used 5 different kinds of plants.  I just went around the yard and thinned some locations out so I could get the plants I wanted.  Looking forward to figuring out what I can make next. 

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