Friday, June 13, 2014

Mom's shop is coming together.

We have been busy working on a renovation of one of our shops.  It was originally at 6ft x 10ft shed with a gravel floor.  We added a floor last year and moved stuff in.  We have been busy on lots of other projects and buildings and just recently were able to get back into our tiny wood shop.  With some great buys at our local ReStore we were able to purchase some used cabinets and sets of heavy duty drawers.  We got those installed and along with a new window and now Mom is moving in with all her tools.  Here she is working her newest project.
She is busy making tiny little fairy houses to place all over the yard.  She is using cheap bird houses from the local dollar store and left over branches from yard trimming.  We also have been stripping Alders so she is using the bark from that project too.
This is just the beginning of what is to come with these houses.  The one on the left is a finished one and the one on the right is in progress.  

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  1. What little fairy critter wouldn't want to move in to them there so cute.