Sunday, March 1, 2015

I am having so much fun working with a Resin Finish on my Artwork

The other day I was in the hardware store ( its one of my favorites) and we were walking by the paint section and I saw the resin finish box.  I had worked with resin a few years ago but it didn't go as well as I wanted and I didn't really have a place to let the resin sit and set then.
But now I have my own studio (so lucky) and I haven't been working on some new pieces that I thought would look great with a resin finish.  I remember loving how much it made the colors pop.  So I grabbed the small box because its $28 dollars and when I am playing around I hate to spend a lot of money.  The little box lasted through 3 paintings and today I needed more so I took the plunge and grabbed the gallon size box.  It runs $70 but I think it will be worth it.  I have a ton of new ideas for and can't wait to get started.
Oh, I forgot.  The other reason the two part resin used to drive me crazy is that it has to set overnight.  I am not such a patient person when it comes to my artwork but I have matured (a little bit) and now have decided its worth the wait.  I just wait to play around until its almost quitting time and then I apply the finish and quit for the night.

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